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Palladium is a major metal belonging to the platinum group and is mined along with platinum.  Being a rare precious metal and is used in automotive catalysts which accounts for about 63% of its demand.  Other uses include dental alloys and also in jewelry. Palladium is found in many electronic items lime computers and mobile phones. Like any other precious metal, you can invest in palladium after knowing the current price of palladium.

The conventional way of investing in palladium is in the form of buying bullion bars and coins.  Palladium coins are available in the form of Chinese Panda and the Canadian Maple Leaf.  However, palladium bullion may not present as much liquidity as gold and silver, the number of coins being circulated are comparatively lesser and also the buying selling and buying prices has also got a wide gap.  The investor can buy palladium collectible coins as well, but these are more expensive as they offer numismatic value.

Apart from coins and bars, the investor can also select the non-physical form of investments such as stocks, and also as ETFs.  The investor can buy stocks from palladium producers. The price of the stock will be almost similar to the spot price of palladium but there are other factors that might affect the price, such as the company’s management, the future growth prospects and so on.  The stock price of palladium can also be affected by factors like mine strikes and so on. Many of these producing companies also mine other PGMs like rhodium and platinum and hence if there is any negative effect in the platinum price, this might impact the palladium stock price.

Hedged and Unhedged Palladium Stocks

While investing in palladium stocks, the investor should consider the amount of future production that has been hedged by the company.  If the mining company has too much of its production hedged, then the benefits of the stock may not be much, even if the price of palladium goes up to a great extent.  But if the price falls, then the unhedged producer will take a big fall in the stock price.  Hence, it can be seen that hedged stocks can provide the investor with a greater stability, while the unhedged palladium stocks give him more leverage.

By investing in palladium stocks, the investor can also earn dividends.  This earning is in addition to capital gains.  This dividend is also likely to increase in case the company expands and also in case the price of palladium increases. One can buy stocks from major palladium mining companies through online brokers, after verifying the price of palladium..

How To Buy Palladium | How To Sell Palladium | Palladium Bullion and Coins | Palladium ETFs | Palladium Investing | Scrap Palladium

Price of Palladium

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